Adventure Begins…


One of the things that I love the most about Chris is the fact that he shares my passion for getting outdoors and being active. That passion has been one of the foundation blocks of our relationship. I would say that it is one of a few things that has truly helped us bond and grow our relationship, exploring the world together brings all kinds of new excitement. I had two older children from a previous relationship, and they loved trekking over mountains with us! We had our little hiking family of four and life was great!

When we first found out that we would be welcoming a new sweet, precious baby into the world, we wondered how we would continue our love for exploring and being outdoors. We were told to “enjoy it while we can” because most people have the mentality that once you have children, you’ve got to spend most of your time indoors. Our family and friends often reminded us that we wouldn’t be doing much exploring once we had our little Leo.

We often dreamt about what life would be like once he was old enough to explore the world with us, all the things we could show him. Would he share our love of the outdoors? What would he think of the view from the Endless Wall? How long would it be until we could take him on our favorite trails? One day we were talking and someone, I can’t remember which one of us, said “Well, why can’t we just take him with us now?” and that was what I like to call our “Ah-ha” moment.

Why couldn’t we buy one of those cool baby carriers where you can strap them onto your body? Well duh! We can! So, we began the search. Which carrier is the best? Easiest? Most comfortable? Affordable? Highest rated? And on, and on, and on. Finally, after all of our research, we made our purchase. The Baby K’tan! Chris gave it to me as a Christmas present when Leo was just six days old. It is AMAZING. Seriously, all around THE best carrier, you will ever use. Comfortable for mama, comfortable for baby, so easy to get on, affordable, you can use it with many different sized babies. I used it from the day I got it when he weighed 8 lbs until about a week ago when we were hiking, and he’s now 28 pounds. We’ve tried quite a few different carriers in our 13 months, and this is still my absolute favorite. Whoops, got distracted there.

Anyway, that was pretty much the end of our concern. We strapped our baby on and took him all over the place! Our first trip was when he was three weeks old on a short, local trail. By going somewhere close to home we didn’t need to take anything with us, just the carrier and the baby. You also don’t have to go “hiking,” you can take a walk down the street and just get some fresh air. I can’t tell you how therapeutic the fresh air is when you’re a new mother. Get dressed, strap on that baby, and get outside. You’ll be amazed at how refreshed just 15 minutes out in the open can make you feel.

Once we decided to embrace having a little one strapped to us, as we explored, it opened up a whole new type of adventure to us. The experience of showing our children the world! Rather than using our baby as an excuse to sit around and be lazy, we started using him as a reason to go! We are showing him the world, right from the beginning. He is now over a year old, and he loves hiking, he has been all over the state of WV and has been to 14 other states!

Introduce your children to the world, embrace having a family and don’t let that slow you down. Let it be your guiding reason to explore every inch of this world that you possibly can. Get out there and create your adventure. Where will your baby’s life take you?


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