Baby Life Adventures: Letters from Leo

Leo Working
I can't believe this is what my parents have been doing.

Hi Guys!

My parents have been running this thing for a while now.  They’ve been doing an okay job but now that I’m almost 3 I think it’s time for a change.  This is Baby Life Adventures after all…

I can’t wait to show you my favorite trails to play on, places to camp, and some of my tricks of the trade. You won’t believe the cool stuff my parents take me to do. We’re going to have so much fun!

They brought home my little bro a few weeks ago and told me he’s going to be my best friend.  So far all he does it eat, sleep and poo a lot.  I can’t wait until he’s big like me and we can adventure together.

In the mean time, you’re going to see a lot more of my face around here.  Are you ready to go on an adventure with me?

Leo Binoculars
Looking for bears!


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