Thursday, January 27, 2022

COVID-19 Update: First Round of Moderna Vaccine

It has been 378 days since the first reported infection and 362 days since the first COVID-19 related death in WV. Out of those days, they let us...

The COVID Journal: And Like That, Back In The Field!

It has been such a blessing to spend the last 90 days with my family. I have missed so much of their lives, not working from home, and never realized it: the morning smiles, laughs, cuddles, jokes, their developing personality.

Life Goes On: Happy Father’s Day, Miss you, Dad.

With death, with loss, life goes on.

Imagine starting out on your own in this day and age.

COVID-19 updates are everywhere; some people still say it's fake news even though over 200k have died worldwide, 50k in the US. Life has wholly been disrupted,...

The COVID Journal

21 Apr. 2020 Yesterday was a beautiful day to take care of the yards. We got the yards for the house and camp all mowed and manicured. ...

Happy Easter, Birthday, & More.

And he has risen, and so has the death and infection count of COVID-19.

The COVID Journal

"There is no cure, and we are all going to get it. You are either going to die, be a carrier, or have little to no symptoms. I wish we would just all get it, count our losses, and get back to normalcy."

Life Changes

I hope that when this is over, their stories will be, "Remember that time we were out of school for months and we stayed up on the mountain and did all this stuff; those were the best."

The COVID Journal

Today the DHHR reported that the virus is in our county, and businesses need to take extra precautions to help protect their employees.

The COVID Journal

Every action of the day seems to be surrounded by the thought of the virus. Is this the time?

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