A Complete Guide to Camping with a Baby!


So you’ve decided you want to take your baby or toddler camping but aren’t sure what necessities are needed to get you started? It can seem a little scary to think about taking your baby outside of the comfort of your home. You know that you have everything you need for your child in your home, their bed, their entire wardrobe, an array of medicines and tools. Anything your child could need is all right under one roof.

How can you possibly take them to sleep outside overnight? A weekend? A week?! Yes, you can. And yes, you and your baby will survive. Better yet, you will have a fantastic time. The best part? It doesn’t take all that much to do it!

A few tips before we get to the list…

Try to recycle their clothes whenever possible. We only camp in the warmer months here in West Virginia, but we have found the nights can still get chilly. When camping for three nights we only pack one long-sleeved shirt and one pair of pants for night time, he’s only wearing them for a short period each day, so it’s okay to use them multiple days.

Also, you don’t want to have to pack a lot of baby gear, try to think of things that have multiple uses. A playpen they can sleep in at night, and it can keep them safely confined during the day while they play. We like the Graco Pack N Play. For feeding, any little seat they can sit in will work. Why bring the big high chair when you can just put them in a Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat.

Whatever activities you do just remember to have fun, enjoy the outdoors, and stay safe. The first time is the most nerve-wracking, but you’ll get the swing of things before you know it. Make notes of what works for your family and what doesn’t. We would love to hear some of your favorite tips for getting outdoors with your baby!


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