Construction, Back to School, and an Online Class at the Same Time. Are we crazy?


Probably. That can be the only explanation right? Who in their right mind chooses to remodel their house, on a whim, exactly 14 days before school starts? Oh and not to mention Chris and I signed up to take an online course that began on the 1st of August. Seriously?

So we (Heather) decided that we should split our giant master bedroom into two average sized rooms. The older boys have been sharing a room and Leo has been sleeping with us. I’m desperate to get him into his own room and out of our bed. He’s still nursing 5 times a night and constantly waking me up.

We’re giving the 3 boys each their own room and building ourselves a new master suite. Sounds great in theory except I tend to get hair brained ideas in my head and decide we have to do things now, now, NOW. So, Chris being the wonderful and amazing man he is, jumps right on board with me and goes to town!

We have successfully put up the dividing wall and are making great progress. The first room is 95% finished and the second is a strong 75%. The house is a disaster zone, it lookslike a bomb has gone off. Our bed is in the living room floor, the boys have zero use of their beds as of now.

We are on the final stretch, at least for the kiddos.  We will be on the couch for probably another month, possibly more.  The sacrifices we make for our children…

Anyway, I just wanted to give you guys an update on what’s going on in our lives and where we’ve been.  We have quite a few fun things coming up including: camping with friends, completing our first VIPP cards, attending our first VIPP picnic, and much more. Hang in there friends, we have much more to explore!


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