COVID-19 Update: First Round of Moderna Vaccine


It has been 378 days since the first reported infection and 362 days since the first COVID-19 related death in WV. Out of those days, they let us work from home for 90 of them. There have been 139,750 confirmed cases and 2,628 deaths in WV, a population of 1.8 million, due to the Corona Virus. We have now been working in the field for over 241 days and have been as careful as possible. Following and respecting all mandates as we travel and work. I’m excited to say; today, we finally got our first Vaccination Shot.

We were administered the Moderna Vaccine, which is 94% effective in preventing the infection and spread of COVID-19. Our first dose went well. To register in our State, Heather and I went to and Pre-Registered. About three weeks later, we received a call that said they had scheduled us and to be there with your photo ID at that time.

Once we arrived at the Innoculation Center, they had staff direct us to park, what doors to go through, scheduled us for our second shot, and we were in and ready to receive our first shot within 5 minutes. In no more than 7 minutes, we were sitting in chairs with a timer set for 15 minutes to see if we would have any significant allergic reaction to the vaccine.

During our shot, the nurse instructed us to work our arm today because it will get sore, drink plenty of water, and take Tylenol if needed for the pain. If you take Ibuprofen, refrain for 3 to 4 days before doing so.

Once the 15 minutes were up, we were directed back to our vehicle, and off we went. The shot caused no pain. We felt good, so we went and had some lunch.

About 3 hours after the shot is when the pain set it. Heather only had upper arm pain. I had upper arm, shoulder, shoulder blade pain, and my left hand went numb. Heather asked if I was working my arm and drinking plenty of water, which I wasn’t. Once I started working my arm and drinking water, it settled down into only upper arm pain. So please make sure to work your arm and drink that water.

Stay safe out there, my friends.


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