Do you know? About, “Cranberry Glades Botanical Area.”

Do you know? Cranberry Glades Botanical Area!

About, “Cranberry Glades Botanical Area: Monongahela National Forest!”

• The Cranberry Glades Botanical Area the “Glades” is the largest area of protected bogs in West Virginia.

Cranberry Glades Botanical Area.

• The Botanical Area encompasses over 750 acres located over 3,400 feet above sea level.

• The natural history of the Glades can be traced back to the last Ice Age when most of its plant life seeded itself here.

Yew Creek.

• The peat and decaying organic matter is over 10 feet deep.

• Cranberries do actually grow in the “Glades.”

• The Glades is home to two carnivorous plants, the sundew and pitcher plant.

• The Flag Glade, “an 8-acre bog within the Glades” is the most accessible area with a 0.6-mile boardwalk, “The Cranberry Bog Boardwalk.”

The Cranberry Bog Boardwalk.

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