Do you know? About, “Falls of Hills Creek!”

Do you know? Falls of Hills Creek!

About, “Falls of Hills Creek!”

• There are three cascading waterfalls along the trail varying in height: the first at 20 feet, the second at 45 feet, and the third at 65 feet making it one of the tallest in WV.

Middle Falls at 45 feet.

• The trail drops 220 feet from the first waterfall to the Lower Falls.

• Since 1994 visitors have been enjoying the waterfalls by hiking the “Falls of Hills Creek Trail” via its boardwalks, steps, and staircases. But, early visitors had to climb up from the valley floor to enjoy their beauty.

Boardwalk to the Lower Falls.

• The first waterfall is only 1700 feet away from the head of the trail beginning on a gentle slope from the parking lot, but there are over 380 steps to climb down to the Lowest Falls.

• The trail is only 3/4 of a mile one way, but plan an hour to see all the Falls due to the climb.

Hills Creek.

• Over 40 different species of wildflowers grow along the trail.

• Hills Creek vanishes under Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park, then reappears as limestone springs to form Locust Creek on the other side of Droop Mountain.

Lower Falls at 63 feet.

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