Do you know? About, “Lord Fairfax Stone!”

Do you know? About, "Lord Fairfax Stone!"

About, “Lord Fairfax Stone!”

• The original stone was used to settle a boundary dispute over land in the English colonies of Maryland and Virginia between Thomas Fairfax, 6th Lord Fairfax of Cameron and the English Privy Council that dated back to 1649.

• Lord Fairfax’s land consisted of all land between the Rappahannock and Potomac Rivers equating to 5,282,000 acres.

• Being established on October 23rd of 1746 makes the Fairfax Stone one of the oldest markers in the United States.

Lord Fairfax Stone.

• The States of Maryland and Virginia lost the Fairfax Line to memory and set a new boundary line in 1833. 

• Lieutenant Melcher found the original line in 1859, and the original marker was still there.  This conflict in the boundary created a strip of land between the two markers which both Maryland and Virginia claimed.

• After the Civil War WV, VA, and MD all three claimed the strip of land.

• In 1870, the Court ruled in favor of WV to have the strip of land.

Lord Fairfax Stone.

• On October 12, 1891, Maryland filed suit that the strip of land was theirs and the Supreme Court ruled in favor of WV, forming the current boundaries between the states and making the marker now a county boundary instead of a state boundary.

• Located at the junction of Tucker, Grant, and Preston Counties in WV, one mile from the Maryland State Line, Lord Fairfax Stone is now a county marker and not a state boundary.

• In 1909 the original marker was stolen by vandals.

Lord Fairfax Stone.

• There have been a total of six Fairfax Stones, each replacing the last.

• The current site marker is a six-ton rock with a historical plaque dedicated on October 5, 1957.

• This historical marker is placed within the “Lord Fairfax Stone State Park” and is one of West Virginia’s Smallest Parks. It is the same size as Tu-Endie-Wei, only 4 acres in size.

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