Do you know? About, “Our Lady of the Pines.”

Do you know? Our Lady of the Pines!

About, “Our Lady of the Pines, Smallest Church in 48 States!”

• The church is only 12 feet by 24 feet in size.

Our Lady of the Pines.

• Lithuanian immigrant Peter L. Milkint built it in 1958.

• Inside there are six two-seat pews and an altar.


• The denomination of, “Our Lady of Pines” is Roman Catholic.

• Why 48 states? The church opened in 1958. Alaska and Hawaii became the 49th and 50th State in 1959.

Memorial Statue.

• An average of 10 weddings per year occurs here.

• More than 30,000 people sign the guestbook per year.

• More than 560 of Milkint’s churches could fit inside of Vatican City.

• Located directory beside the “Smallest Church in 48 States” is the “World’s Smallest Mailing Office.”

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