Do you know? About, “Seneca Rocks!”

Do you know? Seneca Rocks!

About, “Seneca Rocks!”

• The white Tuscarora quartzite rock formation rises over 900 feet above the North Fork River and is one of the best-known landmarks in WV.

• Didn’t always look the way it did.  The Seneca Rocks’ Gendarme, nicked named “The Chimney” and “Gunsight” collapsed Oct. 22, 1987, at 3:27 pm providing the formation we see today.

• Since 1971, 15 people have died at Seneca Rocks from falls.

• In 1943-1944 the 10th Mountain Division climbed on Seneca Rocks to train for mountain warfare during World War II in the Alps.

• A 3.2 mile out and back trail leads hikers from the Visitor Center to the Observation Deck 800 feet above providing views similar to those who climb the rocks.

• There are more than 300 paths to the top of Seneca, but only one doesn’t require climbing.

• Local legend says Princess Snowbird of the Seneca Tribe was to choose a mate but did so by climbing Seneca Rocks.  The first Brave to meet her at the top would be hers.  Seven Braves took on this challenge, but only one completed the climb and with the help of Princess Snowbird.

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