Do you know? About, “Thorny Mountain Fire Tower.”

Do you know? About, "Thorny Mountain Fire Tower!"

About, “Thorny Mountain Fire Tower at Seneca State Forest.”

• Thorny Mountain Fire Tower got its start as the Michael Mountain Fire Tower built in 1924, 4.8 miles away.  In 1935 it was moved to its current location.

Thorny Mountain Fire Tower.

• The Fire Tower was in operation until 1988 when it was removed from service by the WV Division of Forestry.

• On June 3rd, 1988 the Fire Tower was placed on the National Historic Lookout Register.

12×12 cabin in the sky.

• On June 20th, 2015, WV 152 Birthday, “WV Day” the Parks and Recreation Department of the WV Department of Natural Resources opened the Fire Tower as an overnight rental.

• The Fire Tower Cabin is 12×12 feet and is 14×14 feet with catwalk and railing.

65 feet high.

• The Fire Tower Cabin sits 65 feet above the ground.

• There is more window space per square feet than wall space.

More window than wall space.

• Between you and the ground is 69 steps.  Plan your bathroom breaks.

• The Fire Tower did not have power or water while in operation and doesn’t today.

Sunset at Thorny Mountain Fire Tower.

• Between May and October reservations can be made a year in advance to rent this unique overnight attraction. 

• You can read about our stay at the Fire Tower by clicking the following link: Read About Our Stay At The Thorny Mountain Fire Tower.

• For reservations call (304) 799-6213 or 1-800-CALL-WVA.

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