Happy Birthday, Dad: Stonewall Jackson Lake State Park


This year for Dad’s Birthday we took him to one of his favorite WV State Parks, Stonewall Jackson Lake State Park. 

Mommy and Daddy have been coming here for years.  Their very first hike together happened at this park on Mommies Birthday back in 2013.  If they could have only seen the future then, it still took them almost two more years to finally get together.

We had the complete weekend planned and ready for Dad.  We called and made reservations at the campground and resort.  When he came home from work, we headed out.  It was pouring the snow, and the roads were getting terrible.  There were a few times it was a little scary, but he got us there safe, and we started setting up our campsite.

Camp Fire at Briar Point Campground

We don’t have a camper, but a few years ago Mom and Dad started modifying our Toy Hauler into a nice combination between the two.  Dad hooked it up to the power and Mom started organizing it and getting it warm.  Dad then built us a big fire that we could set around and enjoy the beauty of the still winter night.

The morning was amazing. We ended up being the only one in the campground and had it all to ourselves.  After breakfast, we explored around our campsite and played treasure-hunter, threw rocks at the lake, and then Dad took me over to the playground where we played for hours.

Playing at the Playground.

As the sun set, we could hear a bunch of dogs howling on the other side of the lake.  It was scary; there were so many of them.  Mom and Dad explained to me that they were coyotes and if we kept a clean campsite and a big fire they wouldn’t bother us.  Dad said if they did try, he would protect us and not to worry about them.  

After making a big fire, we set around the flames to stay warm and have Dad’s Birthday Dinner.  The Coyotes were still howling, but they didn’t scare me as much anymore.  The Sun would wake up soon, and we would start a new day.

The next day we packed up our campsite and headed over to the lodge.  There we went swimming, roasted s’mores, and even got to see a coon out by the fire-pit.

Enjoying the pool with Dad.

It was so much fun to swim in the pool.  The pool is heated and is indoors and out.  You can swim under a piece of glass that takes you outside.  I had such a good time swimming from inside to outside and running through the cold air and jumping into the warm water.

Roasting S’mores.

Roasting s’mores was exciting and tasty.  They gave us a little sac with crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows.  We then went out to the fire pit where we set, roasted marshmallows and stayed warm by the fire.  We all made s’mores and enjoyed eating them by the fire.

When a coon visited us by the pit, the adults went crazy.  There were people terrified of the coon exploring the patio.  Dad picked me up, and we headed over by the door at a safe distance.  Mom and Dad then explained to me that the coon was hungry and was eating food that people had left out or tossed into the trash.  The coon didn’t look aggressive, but they did tell me that they can be mean, so it was safe to observe it, not try to play with it.

Our visiting friend.

The Sun woke up, and we headed out on a hike.  I love to see the trails, and I’m glad Mom and Dad do too.  We started along the lake and made a big circle looking for animals and animal prints.  We saw lots of squirrels, birds, a few deer, and even a hawk.  I used my binoculars to be able to look closely at the hawk.  I also saw lots of animal prints and a lot of little dog prints.  I hope they are not coyotes.

Hiking with Dad.

Tonight my Aunt Jacie showed up to give Mom & Dad a date night.  She rented the room across from us and brought lots of snacks.  While Mom and Dad went on a night hike and had dinner, we got to watch cartoons and play games.  We had such a wonderful time playing with Aunt Jacie; she is my favorite.

It’s our last day here at Stonewall, and even though I have had a lot of fun, I’m ready to go home.  Mommy and Daddy are out on their morning hike.  Me and Little Bro are watching cartoons with Aunt Jacie.  As soon as they get back, we are going to pack up and head home.  

Out of all the fun, we had this weekend, one of my favorites was roasting s’mores with Mom and Dad.  It has been such a wonderful time celebrating Daddy’s Birthday, and I know it was as amazing for him as it was me.

Love you, Dad and Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday, Dad.


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