Happy Easter, Birthday, & More.


12 Apr. 2020

And he has risen, and so has the death and infection count of COVID-19. The virus has now spread to 184 countries. New York has had more deaths than any country, and they are a State, but we locally are now more focused on our counties within our State. Governor Justice announced that our serge of infection and death should start its climb today.

The states virus infections seem to be leveling out, but with the time frame in testing, they feel the numbers will soon again rise. An additional four counties have been placed on the Executive Order as Hot Spots, and we are up to 5 deaths now. Jackson County said they had control of their province and did not want to be added to the Executive Order.

It wasn’t our traditional Easter, but it was ours, and it was a blessing. We had a few makeshift baskets for the younger kids and used shopping bags for the older two. We colored eggs had an Easter-Egg-Hunt, and fine-dined on pizza. We had a wonderful time as a family today, and it was such a joy seeing them all run around looking for eggs and watching their creativity coloring eggs.

13 Apr. 2020

Happy Birthday, Zach. Today is a hard day. 2020 is the first year that Zach hasn’t had a big birthday with friends and extended family. Zach has been begging us to allow his friends to come over to celebrate, but we sadly have to tell him no. It isn’t like we don’t want him to have friends over, just at this time, it is the safest way to not only protect us but his friends as well.

The States Executive Order now incorporates 12 counties, there are currently nine deaths in WV, and sadly, one of those was a 25-year-old. This virus doesn’t only kill the old, but the young as well. Stay home, stay safe, stay inside. Jackson Counties Infection Rate became the highest in the State overnight and is now under Executive Order.

15 Apr. 2020

President Trump announced that the Nation has peaked, and we should be able to open up the country by May 1st. Governors will know more about when their States can open. There have now been 12 deaths in WV and 718 infected. I have to do work at two BK’s and an LC today. I am not looking forward to the BK run in our Capital City. They currently have 101 infected and still two weeks out on testing for others. I will just have to be as careful as possible.

16 Apr. 2020

Today we had the highest death rate from COVID-19. 4,591 American’s lost their life today. To put that in perspective, 2,996 died on the attacks of 911. So far, 33,268 Americans have died to this virus; in comparison, 33,686 Americans lost their lives in the Korean War.

I am now coughing. I took the utmost precautions, why I am coughing? I am hoping that it is just allergies, but I hate having the thoughts that I brought something home, especially COVID-19. I felt fine this morning, but this evening has been nothing but coughing. We will just keep a close eye on it, stay away from people, and keep taking my temperature.

18 Apr. 2020

It seems that daily COVID-19 statistic-checks are a common thing now. As of last night, 16 in WV have died, and 785 are infected. The numbers in WV are slowly growing, but we are a sparse population. With residences dispersed across the state, it has helped with our slow infection rate. We have to make a store run today, and lines have gotten increasingly long. Stores now leave their doors open, buggies sanitized after each use, limited amounts of people have access at one time, and lines formed outside. Arrows now mark the floor to direct people on what direction to walk to avoid proximity to others. It is undoubtedly a different time we are living.

19 Apr. 2020

How quickly the weather changes on the mountain. Friday, it was 67 degrees, and Heather took the opportunity to plant a Rose Bush. We awoke this morning to a snow-covered ground. It got a little cold last night and is to be colder tonight. Tomorrow is to be a beautiful 62, and we can’t wait to start some work on the property. The camp is running low on fuel and water, so we will need to make provisioning run for essentials.

Provisions accumulated and back at camp safely. We have built a lovely fire and ending our day with a little glass of wine. As we set and enjoy our starlit night, but 30-degree temps, Heather saw her 2nd shooting star in her life. I do not know what she wished for, but I am so glad and honored that the only two she has ever seen, has been with me. I am a blessed and fortunate man.

20 Apr. 2020

Happy 4, 20, 2020, at 4:20! Saying in a joking manner, but I’m sure it would help calm anxiety. Nine hundred two infected in WV and 24 have now passed. Most people not directly affected by this virus make jokes, point figures and tell everyone its a hoax and to not worry about it. I’m still going with this statement, “After the Country opens back up, I’m going to hang out in my house for the next couple weeks just to see how it goes.”

I have seen so many posts over the last few months that there is nothing to worry about, the Flu Kills more people per month than COVID-19. The only reason people are worried about it is that it’s on the news, and government officials are talking about it every day. Well, as of today, we still have ten days left for April, but COVID-19 is the number one killer in the US. This month it has killed more than Flu, Cancer, and Heart Disease. You finally got what you wanted COVID-19 is in the first place. Maybe now you can take it seriously, but most likely not. Not until you are directly affected.

On a positive note, we had a wonderful time at the camp this weekend, clearing trails, finding morels, campfire cooking, and just hanging out. Last night the temperature got down to 25 degrees. Thank goodness for a generator and propane. We are heading back into town for a few days. We have been spending so much time at the camp; our home is needing some love.


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