Haunted WV, North Bend State Park: At the End of His Rope

Haunted North Bend State Park

North Bend State Park: At the End of His Rope.

The entrance to North Bend was once part of the Koon’s Family Farm. The family has successfully worked the farm for generations until it was left to their only son Ed. Ed was born blind and tried his best to run the farm, but was never able to do so. He married late in life and was not able to produce an heir. His wife later left him for another man, leaving Ed alone to live out his remaining days.

Suffering from depression, Ed couldn’t imagine living another day alone. He grabbed a rope and headed to one of his favorite spots on the farm. Working his way up to a branch of a tree, he fixed a noose around his neck, and fell backward, snapping his neck, and taking his own life.

One rainy and foggy evening, a park guest stated they felt overwhelming depression and sadness when entering the park. To her surprise, she then witnessed the most horrific scene. A man, swinging by his neck from a tree. She jumped from her car but then noticed there was no one there. The feeling of depression and sadness quickly replaced with fear. A moment she will never forget.

On your next visit to North Bend, keep an eye out for Ed. Hopefully, he will not be the first to greet you.


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