Imagine starting out on your own in this day and age.


COVID-19 updates are everywhere; some people still say it’s fake news even though over 200k have died worldwide, 50k in the US. Life has wholly been disrupted, sterilize everything, wear a mask, don’t go out, have things delivered, stay 6ft apart. The news is saying food supply chains are breaking down, and it could be years before we see any signs of normalcy. But, life still goes on. Young people are starting their lives. People are making changes to try and provide for their families differently. Families are changing how they operate from dinner, play, education, and survivability. Without people working, the government can’t offer assistance forever.

24th Apr. 2020

The medical professionals are stressing that we need to stay quarantined for a few more months. The US Federal, State, and Local governments are confirming that we need to fire our economic engine back up before we go into a depression that can kill millions, and we need to take that risk. If there is a surge in infections and deaths, we can slow the opening of the country and reevaluate those areas.

Riots have broken out across the country for many different reasons. Some believe COVID-19 isn’t real and that this could be a test run for something more cynical, like world domination. On the other hand, you have those that believe it’s real. It was shipped in by trains and trucks to poison us. Spread through 5g cell towers COVID-19 will soon get us all, and this too is a test run for what is to come.

Conspiracy theories aside, most people just want to get back to work and being able to provide for their families. Many families are struggling, no job, no money, no food, and stuck in a place on lockdown and waiting to be told it’s okay or to be provided financial assistance. In this aspect, we are truly blessed and lucky to live where we do. WV really does practice the old way of subsistence living and have been bashed and made fun of for years for not getting with the times, and here we are now fairing better than most of the country.

In WV, COVID-19 has infected 988 residence, and we have had 32 deaths. Most of these deaths have been outbreaks in Nursing Homes, which is a disgrace since they have been following safety guidelines day one. So this just means people didn’t follow or practice the protocols. I couldn’t imagine losing my Grand-Mother because some stranger didn’t follow the rules. I would be livid for their lack of responsibility and respect for others.

Governor Justice announced today that they are pushing forward with opening the hospitals for elective surgeries within two weeks. Coinciding with Hospitals will be daycares due to most of the Nursing staff being mothers. Outdoor dining will also be opening and hopefully soon after inside dining but at 50% occupancy. All beverage containers, menus, dishes, and utensils must be one-time use and then thrown away. There will be no refills or buffets at this time. All of this must be done by following safety guidelines for COVID-19.

25-26th, Apr. 2020

I remember moving out on my own for the first time. The world was such a prominent and mysterious place that I couldn’t wait to discover and make my mark on it. The strange thing is, I remember people telling me they couldn’t imagine starting on their own in this day and age. There was a nerve gas agent used in a subway in Japan, killing passengers. France was testing nuclear detonations in the Pacific Ocean, and the Rwanda Genocide has now killed over 1 million Tutsi. OJ Simpson was on trial for murder, and Timothy McVeigh just killed 198 people, including 19 children with the Oklahoma City Federal Building explosion. US gender inequality was everywhere, causing stress in the military, sports, schools, and work. Us as a country had troops assisting in the Bosnia and Rwanda Civil Wars (Rwanda Genocide). I see why our parents were scared, but we looked at it as our chance to make the world a different place. This same type of optimism is what I see in Alex. It is their turn to make an impact upon this world.

My mother co-owns a farmhouse, and the cellar house isn’t used but for storage. To help get Alex started on his new journey, we are remodeling it and moving him closer to his college. We have no clue what the college of the future looks like, but we are hoping this will help give him a head start. Here are some before and after of our remodeling progress.

27th, Apr. 2020

In the WV COVID-19 Press Conference today they have introduced a weekly rollout of opening the State if we stay below the 3% infection curve:

Week 1: Open Hospitals, Primary Care, Dentistry, Therapy Services, and Day Cares.

Week 2: Hair & Nail Salons, Small Businesses less than 10, Outdoor Dining, Churches & Funeral Homes.

Week 3-6: Office and Government Buildings, Speciality Retail Stores, Parks & Park Facilities, Fitness & Recreational Centers, Dine-in Restaurants, Hotels, Casinos, & Spas.

Currently, there is no timeline for the opening of Nursing Home Visitation, Entertainment Venues: Movie Theaters, Sporting Events, Concerts, or anyplace with a gathering of 25 or more.

NASA has now invented a new ventilator. It is a high-pressure system that is successful where current ventilators fail. They also use newly engineered parts, so it doesn’t disrupt the supply chain of current ventilator production. There are 1,063 infected with CONVID-19 in WV, and 36 have now passed. Hopefully, this advancement in medical technology will save many more lives.

I also want to say thank you to all of our followers, family, and friends who have checked up on us during this time. It is crazy for everyone, but having that little extra love, encouragement, and friendship goes a long way to brighten a day. I’m also feeling a lot better, and my cough has finally gone away. I never ran a fever, so I’m guessing my allergies ended up getting into my chest and giving me a small respiratory issue, but thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers.


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