Dr. Appointments, Remembrance Day, Birthday, July Fourth, and Baby Preparations – July 2018 Update

Baby Life Update: July 2018
Baby Life Update: July 2018

Hello Friends, it has been a month, so I just wanted to give you a quick update.  Our Dr. Appointments are almost weekly now.  My Work Schedules have gone crazy.  We had a beautiful Remembrance Day for my Late Father.  Alex celebrated his 16th Birthday.  We had a sad Home Shopping bust.  We Celebrated in some Small Town July Fourth activities. And, Baby Preparations are way behind. We haven’t posted much, but here is a quick month recap.

Dr. Appointments

Baby number 4 is almost here.  We are heading into the home stretch, and Dr. Appointments are virtually on a weekly basis.  We were able to take a tour of the Labor and Delivery Ward which built a great excitement within us.  We now need to get things ready at home; it’s getting real, real fast.

Work, Work, and more Work.

Work has been insane with the number of projects we have to accomplish.  The feeling of being stressed, swamped, and overwhelmed has become a daily occurrence.    I am thankful for my job, but like any job, it can sneak in there and take a lot of your time.  But, I have some vacation coming up and can’t wait to get to spend some long restful days with my family.

Remembrance Day
Camping with Roger Rhodes
Camping with Roger Rhodes

I had a Remembrance Day for my late Father.  It has been two years since his sudden death, and we are still settling the estate.  Every part of the process is a heart-wrenching reminder of the joys and wonders of my childhood and the bond a Father and Son share.  My children will never get to know this wonderful man and its heart-wrenching for me knowing he will never be there for their birthdays, holidays, or for anything.  But, it is up to me to teach them who he was and to pass down those memories to them. For Remembrance Day I try to forget the negativity and feuding of settling an estate and focus on happier timers. We as family share stories and memories to hopefully teach our children what a wonderful man their Grand-Father was.

On a side note: In the experience of cleaning items out of storage, one of the coolest things is what we call, “The Attic Timeline.”   You can start walking to the back and see the timeline back to when the house was first built just by the era of the items in storage.   It was so neat to see and experience, “The Attic Timeline.”

Happy Birthday

Our oldest just celebrated his 16th birthday.  He is growing up so fast.  Learners are on the way, and he is already asking for a car for his next Birthday or Christmas.  The other day he asked if he could apply for a part-time job so he could help pay for some of his expenses.  It brings us great pride in seeing the young man he is becoming.

Alex's 16th Birthday
Alex’s 16th Birthday
Home Shopping

We have been looking for a new home for the last year and trying to get everything in order.  There is one home we both love, but the owner is asking 60k over market value and not willing to come down on the price.  The other day we got wind of a house that came on the market that day, if we moved quickly we stood a good chance.  We looked at it that evening and made our offer.  The following day we were told someone else already made an offer, but we would be considered if the other person backed out.  It was property being sold through the bank, so I honestly think a bank employee scooped it up before someone else could get it.  It was a beautiful place, and even though it was a short dream, it was nice to fantasize about raising our family there.  We will keep looking and keep working on what we have until we finally find the home for us.

July Fourth

This week we were extremely busy with work and projects around the house.  But, we made sure to celebrate in our Small Towns July Fourth activities. The joys of family, cooking out, fireworks, and sparklers were enjoyed in the evenings.

Leo Celebrating July 4th
Leo Celebrating July 4th
Baby Preparations

As some of you know, our house is now full to the max and another baby on the way.  We are currently still remodeling and trying to get everything ready for baby number 4, but we have to work within our means.  We are now in the process of digging out all of our baby gear from storage and seeing what we need to replace and getting ready what is in usable condition.  With construction and baby prep, our house and storage-room are wrecked.  We are on the final countdown and not even close to where we thought we would be.  

There you have it!  Our world flipped upside down while we rush around like chickens with our heads cut off.  But with all the hectic situations, there is so much to be thankful for:  We love our Doctors and Nurses, and our baby is healthy. Work is busy, but I have a fantastic job. I am devastated about losing my father.  But, we had so many great memories that I get to share with my children. Alex is growing up so fast, but he is becoming a well rounded young man.  We may not be having any luck with finding a new home, but we currently have a pretty little home we can call our own.  And, we may be behind on prepping for this baby, but we have a lot of our stuff and the means to get what we don’t.

Like I said earlier, we have a few vacation days coming up.  Looking forward to our small special trip planned before our baby comes.  So, look for our future posts: WV Top 3 (Our Special Trip), and a soon to be, “Meet the Newest Member of our Crew.” 🙂


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