Letters from Leo: All about ME!


Since I haven’t been on here much lately I thought I would tell you all about ME.

1️⃣ – Last year I became West Virginia’s youngest ever recorded #WVVIPP member!

2️⃣ – My faaaaavorite color is yellow! ? Especially yellow popsicles!

3️⃣ – I love exploring, every single day I ask my mommy to go on a trail. Sometimes she doesn’t listen and I have to ask her over and over.

4️⃣ – I absolutely love being a big brother!  I don’t like it when anyone (except mommy & daddy) hold my lil bro.  If someone else holds him I say “My lil bro, give me him!”

5️⃣ – Even though I’m getting to be a big boy I still love to sit with my mommy and cuddle. Especially when I’m sleepy.

6️⃣ – My mommy and daddy got me my very own camera so that I can take pictures, I always find the neatest stuff on my adventures.

7️⃣ – When we are out on a trail I always have snacks in my backpack – my favorites are Yoo-hoo’s and Slim Jims!

8️⃣ – Sometimes after a long hike I get tired and like to ride on my #thulesapling on my daddy’s back.  He’s so big and strong he never gets tired!

9️⃣ – I love water!  Jumping in water, throwing rocks in water, splashing my mommy and daddy.  I especially think it’s funny when I run real fast and jump in the puddles before my parents can grab me!

? – I LOVE my big bros and want to copy exactly what they do.  I even try to play Fortnite when they do!

Well, that’s all for now. I’m gonna go play, see you guys later!


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