No-in-Vember, be thankful for your blessings.


During November we as a family like to reflect on things we may take for granted, need to change or be more thankful for, then reevaluate and hopefully make a change for the better. This reevaluation brings us to No-in-Vember #noinvember.

We asked each of our family members to use the attached form to make their list of things to change, give up, be more grateful or thankful for and to reevaluate their life. To get things moving, I started with my list. I decided for this month I would like to give up Shaving (lol), Soda, Alcohol, and Junk Food. Then stop skipping my 10k step walk days and Monday – Friday workouts. Heather chose to do the same, except the shaving part (lol). Alex, as a teenager, will give up his cell phone.  Zach will be giving up his iPad.  Ryleigh will give up video game play time. Leo and Mason are still too young to understand the concept, but we hope they learn by example.

Attached are the printable’s we use for our accountability. If you would like to join in, print off and fill in your list for No-in-Vember. Be sure to share your list and progress with using hashtag #noinvember. Good luck everyone! Make changes for the positive, reevaluate your life chooses, and be thankful for the blessings you have.


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