The COVID Journal


April 01, 2020

As a Symbolic Date, President Trump was wanting the Nation up and running by Easter., but it isn’t going to happen. Today we were told it was only going to get worse, and an estimated 250,000 people will die in the US, and that’s if we keep doing as good of a job that we are.

Governor Justice announced today that Elections would be moved from May 12th to June 9th in hopes that the virus is under containment. WV is the Highest Rick State do to our elderly and a lot of people in poor health. The projected deaths in WV is currently at 500 and will peak on May 2nd. To put the National Death Rate in perspective, if an Airliner Crashed killing 180 people, it would make National Headlines. That is a plane crashing every 2 to 3 hours.

Today is Census Day, the day we get the tell the Government where we live and who all lives with us. The State says it helps with funding in disastrous times like this, so make sure to submit your filings today.

In the social media world, two things seem to be making headlines. One is celebrities broadcasting from their homes telling us they are with us, we will get through this, and we are the same. They are getting some pretty significant backlash from the “Essentials.” Essentials are on the front line and working during this pandemic. Celebrates are in their Million Dollar Mansions with their private pools, theaters, golf and tennis courts, and gyms. You are not with us; you are NOT even Essential. To make this country run, you are also NOT needed. Why do the Entertainers make the millions, when the engines of this Great Nation scrape by?

Second is the prejudice with out of state visitors, family, and residence. When the pandemic started spreading throughout the US, some people fled to safer states. An example of that could be seen in WV State Parks. You started noticing a lot of campers from New York showing up. Even an apartment in the small town we live was rented to a New York Family. Don’t get me wrong, if I and my family were in one of those spots and I had the means to do so, I would have as well. But some locals have not taken kindly to the out of state visitors do to fear of them bringing the virus with them and infecting even more West Virginians.

I read a post yesterday from a family pleading to stop being harassed by this prejudice. They were originally from West Virginia and recently moved back to be with family before they were aware of the virus. They now work here, they live here, but with Non-Essential Businesses shut down, like the DMV, they are unable to change their plates at this time. They are residence, and they are doing a 30-day quarantine to be safe, so please leave them alone.

In closing, it is scary times. Yes, we try our best to not only protect our kids from the virus, but biased opinions, prejudice, and hate. The President and Governor said it would only get worse, and I fear it will not only equate by death.


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