The COVID Journal


April 04, 2020

We haven’t done a grocery haul since March 18th, trying to honor Social Distancing and the Stay At Home Order. We are now out of food and have placed a pick-up order at Wal-Mart to try and restock. We have been spending a lot of time at the camp and trying to make sure we have enough food and supplies there and at home for when I am in town for work.

Many items in the pick-up were substituted, but you don’t complain. You take what they replaced or go with nothing. Each bag and box needs disinfecting before you take them near your family or load them into the fridge. You must scrub down before you come into your vehicle and home. The fear and anxiety are real. The fear that you may infect your loved ones and not know for days or weeks weighs on your mind every time you go out and then for weeks after. It is even worse knowing you have to leave and head back into town for work. The “Is this the time?” question crosses the mind every time you leave your home.

Not only do you have the fear and anxiety of the virus, but you also have the misuse of information that people spread. For the last two weeks, people have been spreading rumors that the State Police are shutting down the State Lines and pulling over any vehicle without WV plates. The National Guard is being used to enforce lock-downs and curfews in Hot Spot areas. A National Quarantine will house all infected by the COVID 19 virus. These rumors promote even more fear into an already scared populous.

The Governor crushed those rumors today and elaborate on his Executive Order. The Hot Spot Counties of Berkeley, Jefferson, and Morgan are expanding to Monongalia, Harrison, and Kanawha. Groups are to be no larger than five and practicing Social Distancing. All employees that can work from home are too. The National Guard will provide logistical support & services to county agencies, and State Police will enforce local county orders.

We will be heading into town tomorrow in preparation for another work week. Stopping to get gas makes you think of all the people who touched the pump handle, a pen to sign a receipt, a door handle to push or pull open, a cooler door to get a drink. Every action of the day seems to be surrounded by the thought of the virus. Is this the time?


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