The COVID Journal


April 06, 2020

We had a wonderful weekend out of town and living off-grid. We spent three days at the camp, building trails, campfires, and working on the property. We felt safe and protected. Now, we are back in town. The family is safe at home, but I am at work sorting out equipment that came from multiple States.

Last week my employer instituted a travel ban on all noncritical travel. Today the DHHR reported that the virus is in our county, and businesses need to take extra precautions to help protect their employees. Our office staff has now split into two groups: workers in the office and workers at home.

Thankfully I was one of the employees chosen to work from home. I am so thankful that I will be able to help protect my family even more. When telling me they would like for me to work from home, they demanded I work at our home in town. This decision is because of the proximity to work. If I have to come in, I’m right up the road. With as scary as things are getting, I’m willing to compromise.


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