The COVID Journal


April 09, 2020

I have been working from home for three days now, and I say, I’m impressed. Not only do I get more work done, I’m more on top of things. In the office, there are a hundred side distractions for small side projects and water cooler talks. Now things are more organized, scheduled meetings, scheduled conference calls, and you can work your material as it comes in and in peace.

My children find it amazing that I’m home when they awake. The most excited is the youngest children, Leo is four, and when he enters the dining room, he yells, “Daddies Home.” Mason, who is one and a half, just runs around the corner, yelling, “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy.” They have already become accustomed to me working from home.

Of the three days I have worked from home, two of those days, I’ve had to fix equipment at the office. Being able to return home to work after finishing up the repairs and tasks is very lovely. I could become accustomed to working from home, but I’m sure once this is all over, my physical presence will be requested. I still find it amazing though how many of us can do our jobs from home and how successfully and productively we are.

Currently, there are five deaths in WV from the virus, but being close to two-thirds of the US population is alarming. We see many out-of-state people driving through, stopping to visit establishments and to find refuge from their States. News out of New York State today says they have over 149,000 infected, and over 700 died last night. That means the infection in New York State is higher than any Single Country in the World. Another WV county, Marion, has been added to the Hot Spot List, and the numbers will continue to climb.

An older individual at work today said it this way, “There is no cure, and we are all going to get it. You are either going to die, be a carrier, or have little to no symptoms. I wish we would just all get it, count our losses, and get back to normalcy.” I do not condone his statement, but I do appreciate his sentiment. He has lived his life. He has seen his kids and family grow up, healthy, and prosperous. If he were to be taken by this virus, it would be sad, but he has lived a good life. But what if it wasn’t him that passed. What if it was a grand-baby? What if he ended up being a carrier of that loss of life? I pray for a vaccine, a cure, and if we contract the virus, we show no to little symptoms. That’s my prayer.


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