The COVID Journal: And Like That, Back In The Field!


Us as a family has been very fortunate during this pandemic. We are healthy, instructed to work from home, restricted travel, food to eat, and a family that loves each other.

It has been such a blessing to spend the last 90 days with my family. I have missed so much of their lives, not working from home, and never realized it: the morning smiles, laughs, cuddles, jokes, their developing personality. As our numbers of infection rise and the risk of catching the virus, it took one coworkers’ mistake to bring us back into the work-fold.

After server updates, I jumped in and tested the base functions, and they were a success. We now only had to be available for calls in the morning. That morning we had issues. I get a phone call that asks if I know where one of my coworkers was. She hasn’t answered any calls, responded to any text messages or E-mails. Her actions are not acceptable; you all are coming back to the office. We can’t work like this. So, again we are in the office.

Two things in this situation make me extremely upset. First, I was allowed to see what I was missing. Leaving them now knowing I will not get to see their beautiful morning routines. Knowing I will no longer get those good morning Daddy hugs is heartbreaking. For example, Leo would come up in the morning with a chair and watch me work and ask questions about what I was doing. It was so heartwarming to show him what I did and to see his interest. Second, they took that away from me, removed from my family due to someone’s lack of responsibility and others’ knee jerk reaction.

On the positive side of things, we are still healthy, have work, food, and a loving family. It is just sad. I’m going to miss that small window of joy I received watching my little ones throughout the day. It’s now back to trying to squeeze in all that time with a few hours after work. But at least we are all well.

Stay safe out there, my friends.


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