The COVID Journal


I’m starting this journal for a read for my children, when older, so they can look back and see both sides of this story. There are and will be two sides to this tale. The fun and exciting time the children missed school, they stayed home, played board games, and played in the woods. And, a world where they were no longer allowed to play on playgrounds, hang out with friends, have birthday gatherings or go into a store with Mom or Dad. The Anxiety and fear that the parents kept hidden. The changes at work, the loss of money, a complete transformation, and disruption of life.

It is an exciting time in our life. Our life is finally heading the direction we have been steering it. We have currently bought a piece of property where we want to build our “forever home.” Work is exhausting, not only for employment but on the land itself. The Democrats are trying to find a front runner to run against President Trump, and we can’t wait until they reveal the next Masked Singer.

November 2019

In Wuhan China, a virus they are calling (CO)rona (VI)rus (D)iscovered (2019) “COVID-19” has the city of 11 million on lockdown. The official report from the Republic of China is that 3,535 people have died from the virus, but many left the city before they could contain it or them. Residents of Wuhan are saying it’s a lot worse. Forty-two thousand urns arrived in the city, and the incinerators have been running non-stop. If 3,535 deaths, why so many urns?

Thanksgiving was amazing. We ate, visited family and friends. The tradition of watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade came and went. Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving Special Played in that evening, and we got out Christmas decorations as we have done every year.

December 2019

Christmas came and went. We had such a wonderful and blessed holiday season. We went and spent a week in Pittsburgh, took in a Tran Siberian Orchestra Concert, ate at our favorite eateries, explored the city, and returned home to celebrate Christmas with family and loved ones.

January 2020

Happy NEW YEAR! We rocked in the new year and talked about all of our up and coming changes we were going to be making this year: Health changes, property changes, house changes, the changes of life that we were going to make for our family.

February 2020

Another birthday has come and gone, but I’m looking forward to Valentine’s Day. Every year Heather and I decorate and make our house an exclusive and private restaurant just for us. Yes, we have children, but we work hard to not only keep them entertained and distracted from us but still to provide that romantic atmosphere we strive for here at CafĂ© Rhodes.

The news outlets today announced that COVID-19 is spreading throughout Europe, and there are now cases in the US.

March 2020

News of the virus is now on every major news outlet with daily briefings from Federal, State, and Local Officials. A Special Taskforces is handling the pandemic on the Federal Level. States are activating their Nation Guards to help with managing hot spot areas. Local Police are trying to promote calm and keep order in a panic-stricken country.

Websites, News, and Briefings bring us a daily update of the infected, the recovered, and the lost. Over 5,000 dead in the UK, 8,000 in France, 13,000 in Spain, 16,000 in Italy, and the numbers are just starting to rise in the US. WV is the last state not reporting any cases, but with out-of-state travelers and people leaving their States to find sanctuary here, the numbers will soon rise.

March 13, 2020

Everything in WV seems reasonable, as the rest of the country seems to be going into a panic, but rightfully so. A lot of US States are issuing stay at home orders. All places where people can gather are being shutdown: schools, churches, parks, venues, and work. If you are not an essential business or people supporting those businesses, you are to stay at home. And just like that, it happened. Governor Jim Justice of the State of WV issued our stay at home order. All places of gathering closed, and all non-essential employees are to remain home.

A 14-day plan is being issued to all US citizens to slow the spread of the virus; they are calling it, “A 14 day plan to flatten the curve.” The thought behind the plan is not to overwhelm the healthcare industry. There is no drug or cure for the virus, and those hospitalized will need beds, ventilators, and protective equipment for the staff. If the doctors and nurses get infected, the complete system will fail. They will now have to start choosing who lives or dies, those with the virus or someone else with urgent care?

You can have the virus for up to 2 weeks before you ever show symptoms. Some have it and show no signs at all. There is no age range where you are immune to the virus, but it seems to be killing older men more than any other group.

March 17, 2020

I had to work in Mercer County today, right on the Virginia Line. I have to say; today is the first day I have felt a little anxiety today about the virus. WV still has no reported cases, but you can tell how people are acting in the field that there is a worry in everyone’s eyes. People are already stock pilling paper goods and cleaning supplies. Most stores no longer have toilet paper, paper towels, bacterial sprays, rubber gloves, and breathing masks.

March 18, 2020

WV received our first COVID-19 case on the 13th, but we were being told about it today. It was a resident who works in DC and brought it into the Eastern Panhandle. Everyone that had been in close contact with that individual for the past two weeks could now have the virus.

March 22, 2020

Today, I found out that on the 18th, there were 14 cases, and two were in Mercer County. They will not release who the people are due to HIPPA regulations or what public locations they may have visited. So you have to hope and pray you didn’t bring it home to your family.

March 23, 2020

We had to close down a couple of stores today for professional cleaning and sterilization. Employees were showing signs of COVID-19 and quarantined for testing. Work has issued a travel ban on all company travel. Office restricted to personal only, and we are to keep 6 feet apart at all times. Toilet Paper is on backorder, and so is hand sanitizer, use sparingly.

March 27, 2020

The WV Board of Education announced that schools canceled for the year. All students with passing averages of the last three blocks will move on to the next grade level. Those who are failing will have assignments online, and with those without internet, paper packets mailed to them. This work will be graded and added to their average. Graduations canceled until further notice.

March 31, 2020

The 14-day plan has come and gone. The Coronavirus Taskforce has renamed it to the 30-day plan. The medical professionals are saying the stay at home orders are working, and it is slowing the curve. Places like New York, Florida, California, and Washing State are hot spots for the virus. Louisiana is now starting to see a rise in cases as well. Over 10,000 have died in the US and over 76,000 World Wide. With over 1,000,000 infected, the prediction models are showing that the peak of deaths will happen throughout April and slowly decline into June.


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