Update: Drama, Flu, Pregnant!


We would like to give you a quick update about everything going on in our lives.  Since our last update we were bringing in the Christmas Season by taking Leo to the Festival of Lights at the Oglebay Resort.  But, since then a whirl-wind of life has hit us leaving us scatterbrained and trying to get things back in order.   Currently we are wrapping up our adventures from 2017 and will have them posted soon.  With Heather’s new channel taking off “Honest Homemaking“, us doing construction and/or looking for a new house, family drama, us all getting the flu, trying to clean out our basement, and us trying to live a healthier life style, we have stretched ourselves to the max.  Oh, did I mention that we are pregnant?  So, here we are starting a very exciting new year and another new chapter in our life.  We can’t wait to share it all with you, so Subscribe, Like, Follow and let’s take this journey together.


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